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living near bismarck, north dakota are digging out of 1 foot of snow tonight, with a storm that was bigger than anticipated. even in april some are happy about the fresh snow. >> families attending church came out to an april snowstorm much worse than expected. >> coming out of mass like this and it seemed as with the soccer season starting in an hour, this is not going to happen. this is ridiculous. >> even with a four-wheel-drive truck, he found himself among several cars at the cathedral of .he holy spirit in bismarck >> as soon as this pacs this begins to turn to ice. >> south-central north dakota has been hit the hardest with many cities seeing close to a foot of snow or more. >> 15.2 inches in bismarck today, this may break the daley's no record for the month of april. >> i do not like north dakota right now. >> this note is just getting worse and worse. my head is already full of ice and i feel bad about that other people tried to remain positive, and especially some north dakota farmers who had been working for precipitation. >> it is always unpredictable in north d
be like discovering a new continent, but one that was there all along. >> the u.s. state of north dakota is not exactly a tourist hot spot in the u.s., so why are people flocking there? >> it is all about oil reserves the by in the ground being tapped through a controversial technique known as fracking. >> north dakota has doubled its oil production in the last few years thanks to the new technology, and it has generated a lot of cold, hard cash. >> patrick smokes his spare ribs in any weather. you want it delivered to the oil field where you work? no problem. he only opened his business recently, and it is already booming. another success story thanks to north dakota's oil bonanza. >> people relate to it like a gold rush, and it is in a sense, but a lot of people will come in and think all the money will just come to them, and it is not like that. you have to work. what is out here is the opportunity to make money. >> dickinson, north dakota, is littered with oil rigs. they are part of the reason the state is currently producing around 800,000 tons of oil per day. many people believe th
out this. this is what happened in bismarck, north dakota, on sunday where they are no strangers to nasty weather of course. more than 17 inches of record breaking snow in mid april, come on already. chaos on the road in minnesota where blizzard conditions caused three semitrucks to collide including one carrying dozens of pigs and another hauling cattle. what a nightmare. meteorologist bill karins joins us now. bill, is there any chance we could get this behind us already? >> no. week after week we can't stop talking about snow. i'm really sick of it. i'm not even dealing with. i-94 is closed right now through the entire state of north dakota. that's the only major interstate that rolls through the area. we're continuing to watch that heavy snow falling in this region. winter storm warnings still in effect. look at how much snow. we mentioned bismarck record breaking 17 inches. most snow ever in a snowstorm in april. still snowing hard in fargo with seven inches on the ground. the white shows where you it's snowing. a ball of snow from bismarck to fargo up to grand forks and i i
and in north dakota. in mississippi and north dakota, the regulations are targeting the last remaining clinic in the state. abortion is being effectively banned in states all across the country, in states where republicans have governing power. in every state, there's a fight on to try to protect this right that american women are supposed to have to access abortion services. but through all of the means they have tried over the years, nothing has ever been as effective for the radical anti-abortion movement in this country as the election of veto proof republican majorities in the legislatures in multiple u.s. states in 2010. since then, since 2010 and since the 2012 election in particular when they picked up the pace, the republican party is now doing the work for them. joining us now for the interview tonight is tammy, the director of the red river women's clinic of fargo, north dakota, and julie birkhart. tammy and julie, i've talked to both of you over the years months and years, great to have you here in person. >> thank you so much for having us. >> julie, let me ask you first, opening
? the presiding officer: the senator from north dakota. ms. heitkamp: this is a challenge that the states have been confronted with since 1992, a challenge of trying to get equity for main street businesses. what the supreme court told us is that congress is best equipped to make a determination on whether -- how we implement something that would level the playing field for main street businesses under our notion of what constitutes appropriate regulation and controls of interstate commerce. the challenge has been passed over 20 years ago to the united states congress. and the main street businesses have been waiting for 20 years for equity, for fairness, and for -- for a system that does not discriminate against them. only in washington, d.c. madam president, could 20 years, waiting 20 years for a solution today that we are debating be considered ramming something through congress. only in washington, d.c. can a 20-year delay for equity and for justice and for fairness in our tax policy be considered too soon for a debate. this is an 11-page bill. this is a very simple bill, and i can attest
north dakota in that case, and that's the other side of the case. and so she can explain the intricacies of that and the challenge that we were given, which had a number of reasons why it didn't happen earlier. one of the reasons is that 20 years ago the internet was in its infancy, and nobody knew what its capability for going to be. most people didn't even know it was out there. and that's changed over quite a bit of time to what is now one of the handy tools that everybody uses, and we have come to recognize that there are apps available there that will answer any question, and there are sources of information that will provide us with what we need to know on virtually any subject. i think that has put an cycle these out of this is but it's made information more readily available desperate encyclopedias. is made products available that people didn't have availability before. but is creating a bit of a dilemma that marketplace fairness straightens out, and today we're scheduled to vote on the motion to proceed to the bill at 5:30, an i just don't encourage my colleagues to vote yes and
klein is in fargo, north dakota. looks like december where you are. >> reporter: no doubt about that, lester. three weeks into spring there is a winter storm advisory for the entire state of north dakota with heavy snow and high winds blanketing much of the midwest. parts of the state have already gotten more than 16 inches of snow in cities in western north dakota are pulling plows off the road because visibility is almost impossible. this is all part of a complex storm moving across the northern part of the country while the south is dealing with another severe weather system. together these two storms are hitting more than a dozen states and will last well into tomorrow. a tornado watch is in effect for the florida panhandle and southwestern georgia where heavy rains are already soaking cities like new orleans and pensacola. back here in fargo, this is not just a winter storm. it is also an added threat for what could be major spring flooding as early as next week. volunteers have made 1 million sandbags here hoping to hold back the water of the red river but they're also holding
in bismarck, north dakota, on sunday. they're no strangers to nasty weather, but more than 17 inches of record-breaking snow in mid april is just too much. meanwhile, chaos on the road in minnesota. blizzard conditions caused three semi trucks to clyde. one truck was hauling pigs and one hauling cattle. bill karins joins us with a look at this forecast. the pigs and cattle are being affected? >> that won't be so bad if we could close the book but there's another storm. more snow from colorado to wyoming up to the plains. those are the poor folks who are dying for spring and can't get ahold of it. it's still snowing. it's snowing hard from fargo north wards up to areas around grand forks. interstate i-94 is still closed. that's a major highway through north dakota from fargo all the way to the montana border. thankfully minnesota is looking a little better. we mentioned snowfall totals. this just shatters all records for this late in the season, especially april records in north dakota. notice that dickinson, 16 inches. even fargo has 7 inches and it's still snowing right now in fargo. fargo we
in north dakota. if you interesteded jobs sales clerk or mechanical welder or truck driver. they are looking for everybody there. and this is the future of job creation in america, is it not? >> i don't think it is. i think it is money illusion and a lot of them will not be economic if we return to a strong dollar. it goes for keystone. if market forces want to build t go for it. but curve your enthusiam. the notion that the pipe line in north america will change gasoline prices will be pure fantasy. we'll only get cheap gas with a strong dollar. >> talk about jobs. everybody is focused there. the way to get it is energy production in the u.s. though? >> the way to get sustainable jobs is private investment. the key stone pipe line is private market dollars and not government dollars and that is how you create job growth in the long-term. it is not government creating temporary jobs. i will bullish on what it would do for jobs in this counselry. our country is awash in cash . businesses are not investing it because they are stymed by the government. >> rich, i saved you fro
? they called them wetbacks. they got to reach out to women. they banned abortion in north dakota and arkansas. we got to reach out to the lgbt community. let's all be silent when a major supreme court case happened last week. >> losing is going to be proved to be stronger than the love of god. getting locked outside is going to get deeper than any ten commandments or any kind of religious traditions they can put forth. the fact that they're going to be locked out and that they are behind step will prove to be the greatest conversion factor for that republican party. >> and one iron-clad rule we have to establish on the panel, nobody listens to raince priebus, it doesn't matter. >>> republicans in places like north dakota and arkansas channel their inner bricklayers, building a state-by-state legislative wall to restrict abortion rights, we'll try to deconstruct the war on choice, next on "now." >>> now that north dakota has passed the nation's most restrictive bans on abortion into law, the fight for a woman's right to choose is heating up at the national level. anti-abortion rights activists
's health. in north dakota they just passed a law to choose to take away your right after six weeks. even if a woman is raped. a woman may not know she is pregnant at six weeks. in mississippi, a ballad initiative was put forward that could not have outlawed your right to choose, but could have had all sorts of other far-reaching consequences like cutting off fertility treatments. making certain forms of contraception a crime. when you read about some of these laws, you want to check the calendar, make sure you still live in 2013. that's why no matter how great e challenge, no matter how fierce the opposition, there's one thing the past few years have shown, it's that planned parenthood is not going anywhere. it is not going anywhere today, not going anywhere tomorrow. as long as we've got a fight to make sure women have access to quality affordable healthcare and as long as we have the fight to to the right it make sure women have choices for their own health, you also have a president who is right there with you fighting every step of the way. >> that was president obama today addressin
bond for the terrorist threat charge. >>> mother nature brought a spring snowstorm to north dakota and other parts of the northern plains today. a foot fell in the bismarck area this weekend. now they're used to rough winters. even in north dock dock this was one of the bigge-- even in nort dakota this was one of the biggest snowfalls on record. >> soccer season is starting in an hour. not going to happen. i am not liking. i've don't really like north dakota right now. if the's not fun. >> the storm forced interstate 94 to be closed earlier today. heavy snow and high wind caused almost zero visibility on the roadway near the montana border. none of that here fortunately. in fact a warm-up coming right? >> yeah, we'll see our temperatures warming through wednesday. a week we are looking at above average temperatures. there are nuisance rain chances in the forecast. early this week. and might it delay the soccer game for 30 minutes. and is it going to be a soaking rain? no. a look outside. tranquil across the area. looking at cloudy skies. cloud acting as a blanket tonight. so temper
now they're the new normal for republicans. they're mississippi style north dakota style alabama style laws. they kept saying the war on women thing is something that the republican party was going to repent from after the 2012 election. it's just a new front opening all the time. the republican part was going to repent on. it's just a new front. "first look" is up next. >>> good thursday morning. on "first look," real and clear danger. secretary hagel has new threats. they are ready to launch a new attack. connecticut lawmakers approve tough new gun control measures and the governor will sign them into law at noon. >>> new technology is helping moms bond with their babies. alzheimers costs more to treat than cancer. >>> queen elizabeth gets a multimillion dollar pay raise. >>> hours ago, connecticut state legislature passed the toughest gun control legislation in the country. it cleared the house after hours of what was respectful and somber debate. earlier, they approved the sweeping bill. requires background checks for all firearms sales and bans the sale or purchase of magazi
back in december when the tapes were first reviewed by the school. >>> in fargo, north dakota tonight they have asked all folks with free time to help out in a big effort to fill millions of sandbags to head off what they fear is coming. that's a devastating flood. nbc's kevin tibbles is with us from fargo tonight. kevin, good evening. >> reporter: brian, it's become a rite of spring, albeit an unwelcome one, as folks in fargo are once again bracing for the red river to overflow its banks. they simply call it sandbag central. >> this is a part of life in fargo. >> reporter: here every spring hundreds of school kids and volunteers spend countless back-breaking hours. >> you have fun making the sandbags because you can talk to your friends. >> to help out the community is good. >> reporter: this contraption is the spider. it doubles and redoubles the number of sandbags that can be filled. this year's goal, one million. they've got to work fast. while winter has stuck around, a lot of snow and ice has to melt. fargo fully expects to endure another year of high water on the red river. man
any gun control. it's sort of a blanket statement. heidi of north dakota when she was running ran on schools tractors and guns, it's how we live. she met with the newtown families and she said to them directly to their face, i'm going to vote for the voters of north dakota. gun control in the states that kim just mentioned is simply an issue, no matter what they pass, those voters are going to vote against their elected representatives. it's just that hard out there in the country, and the white house doesn't understand that. and that's why harry reid is having such a difficult time getting any sort of bill through the senate. >> stuart: did newtown not change the political equation? >> not out in the country, i don't think he it did. >> for a while it did, but you're already seeing, at least according to the most recent wall street journal/nbc poll, but that the demand for gun controls is being reduced, coming down dramatically over the last month and part of it is the public looking what's happening. the president says it's not about me, it's not about politics, but look at what
. north dakota organized and the georgia dairymendum. six weeks after the sioux city strike began, it was all over. although scattered protests continued throughout the nation, they were faint echoes of the anger that spilled over at sioux city. why was the strike unsuccessful? the milk dealers could find enough milk supply somewhere to thwart the desires of the dairy farmer. so there didn't seem to be much that farmers could do to improve their general lot. not individual action, not institutional activity, not even group protests and violence. economic analyst richard gill explains why farmers couldn't find their way out of this terrible economic predicament. there are really two points to be made here. the first is that the dairy farmers in sioux city and north dakota and georgia were not being at all irrational in trying to curtail milk supplies on the market. the reason it made sense from their point of view is that the demand for milk, like the demand for most agricultural products, tends to be what economists describe as inelastic. what this means is that consumer demand fo
. and then they get really, really big. >>> in north dakota, a rookie news anchor was cut short after a serious slip of the tongue during his first broadcast. a.j. clemente apparently thought his mike was off as the show started, but his obscenity-laced muttering actually made the air. here it is. >> your news leader in high definition. >> gay [ bleep ]. >> good evening. you may have seen our newest reporter, a.j., on north dakota news and he'll be joining the weekend news team as my co-anchor. >> well, that has a whole bunch of interesting things we can talk about, bill. it cost him his job. he was fired shortly after. >> welcome to tv. he's made it on every network. that's the fastest probably by anyone. >>> a look ahead. president obama honors the nation's top teacher today. jeffrey charbino is a 2013 national teacher of the year. keep it here for more news, weather and sports. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching. you have a great day. . . . >>> south bay police under fire after a policy meant to stop racial profiling is blocked. >>> a prominent laura cuesed of smuggling a
fracking mostly from north dakota and texas. that is light oil compared to this. this is the other end of the spectrum. this is very, very heavy stuff. you have to have special refineries to process it. we have those in the state. >> it seems like it is in canada. we can go, not in my backyard directly, but there are concerns of the emissions. also at the port where they will have the number of ships coming in times ten to ship all of the oil that is flowing. the united states could be concerned about the oil spill close to the northern border with this yucky dirty stuff? >> the number of tankers thatiss expected to go through the harbor is 5 to 40 a month. that is affecting the politics in canada. the party that is in the lead to basically take control of british columbia next month, they have come out strongly against another pipeline proposal and just in the last week, they come out against this. >> who wants the oil? where is the demand? >> we here in california used to rely a lot on alaska for our oil. they at one point supplied half of all oil we used in the state. if you look at
. north dakota, it is still dealing with snow blizzard warnings. parts of north dakota haven't 12-182-8 -- have seen inches of snow. it will have no impact on us across the mid-atlantic. but the clouds will increase as we move through the overnight. here are the showers, very spotty. mars high temperatures should approach 70 degrees. then we will keep the showers tuesdayforecast for with daytime highs around 70-75. , a littleudy skies bit cooler off to the west in the mountains with wind out of the southeast. waking up tomorrow morning, you shouldn't have any problems in terms of the ring showers. most will see anything at all. mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the upper-60s to the lower-70s. as we move through the middle of april, 81 degrees on wednesday, 80 degrees on thursday. that is ahead of the stronger cold front that will eventually bring us thunderstorms by the end of the week. by saturday and sunday, all of this will be out of here. temperatures will hover around 60 degrees for next weekend. we will be looking at some stronger wind and develop a bit of a wind chil
in the northern plains. north dakota is just a winter wonder land mess. in areas like bismarck they had 17 inches on the ground yesterday and last night. it is snowing hard in fargo. you have about seven inches on the ground. schools are going to be canceled throughout much of the state. interstate 94 is closed across the state of north dakota. it's still snow from bismarck, grand forks, fargo, the heaviest being up towards grand forks. it's just cruel. this is now mid april and we just have one snow after the other. if you watched the masters yesterday, you saw some of that rain. it hit the southeast hard. now that rain, what is left of it, is up along the carolina coast line. raining hard in wilmington. showers in richmond, danville. some of that could move towards virginia beach. maybe washington. d.c., a sprinkle or two. primarily the rain is going to stay south of there. here's the bad news. i still can't put away my snow map. snow starting today in wyoming will drop 6 to 12 inches of snow in cheyenne, wyoming. then 3 to 6. the white is 3 to 6 from nebraska to minnesota through the dakotas.
? [cheers and applause] [laughter] kansas arkansas and north dakota. that's a red state try fecta. >> arkansas now has the toughest anti-abortion law in the country on the books banning abortions afterel 12th week. >> north dakota ban as abortions as early as four weeks. >> kansas concluded that life begins at fertilization. >> jon: kentucky says life begins when a man and woman's hands accidentally touch when reaching for the fries at the denny's. i just wanted to sell it. the states are saying you have to have the baby making sex and you have to have the resulting baby. any state laws that might cover what to do with them afterwards? [cheers and applause] let's head out to the volunteer state. >> we'll go to tennessee and tell but a state senator by the name of stacy campfield. he doesn't have children but he has an idea. [laughter] >> jon: go on. [ laughter ] >> if your kids don't get good grades, in other words don't pass, they would cut your welfare benefits 30%. [audience boos] >> jon: moochers. let me see if i can get this straight. little billy is poor. he is not doing ver
. and now the rookie news anchor in bismark, north dakota has been fired after this rocky debut. >> dreams in motion organization has a fun time for the disabled. a deadly avalanche kills 5 in colorado. >> you are watching the evening sunday on nbc method nod news. your news leader in high definition. >> [bleep] >> good evening. you may have seen our newest reporter aj -- seeing north dakota news and join the weekend news team as my co anchor. tell us a little about yourself, aj. >> thanks. i am excited. i graduated from west virginia university and i am used to -- from the east coast -- >> did he say i am used to things on the east coast? >> he needs a little geography. >> according to a statement at the station, clemente was practicing his teasers and didn't realize the mic was on. the station added, that is no excuse. we train our reporters to always assume any microphone is live at anytime. cra -- clemente said he had been canned and i am a free agent. can't help but laugh at myself and stay positive. what else do you do? wish i didn't trip over my freaking shoes out of the gate. let's
will call those safe just for accounting. great news for north dakota tonight. a new assessment by the interior department's. north dakota has twice as much shale oil and three times as much gas as had been previously estimated, and the estimated that north dakota had a bunch already. the u.s. geological survey says the up their estimates because of technical advancements to make fossil fuels in north dakota free-form carnation typically countable. you better be nice to them. up next, whistle-blowers clamming intimidation and threats from the obama administration. the "a-team" is here. does this go to the president himself? robert zimmerman. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? ♪ lou:
north dakota anchorman. a.j. clemente. he learned a hard lesson about the downside of wearing a microphone on your first day on the job. >> nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high-definition. >> [ bleep ]. >> yep. that was an f-bomb. his bosses were not amused. clemente was first suspended. then, he was ultimately fired from his job yesterday. >> it couldn't get any worse for a.j. clemente. unbelievable. >> oh, yes, it could. he then led the starring role on last night's letterman's show. quote, your top ten signs your first day as news anchor didn't go well. >> it could have been me. >> heart goes out to him. >> heart goes out to him. very first anchorman job. the weather man tells you to expect an 80% chance of unemployment. number four, last story of the broadcast, announced a job opening for news anchor. and the number one sign your first day as a news anchor didn't go well, aspired to be the next ernie anastos. >> it takes a tough man to make a tender forecast, nick. >> [ bleep ]. >> all right. >> oh, my goodness. >> yikes. >> wow. with any luck someone will take
everybody. >> reporter: that's a good way to live. >> that's the north dakota way. >> reporter: tonight the president has declared a state of emergency for north dakota. while estimates as to how high the river is going to get have been lowered, which is good news, no one here is taking any chances. brian? >> kevin tibbles in north dakota tonight. no short of good people there. thank you, kevin. >>> still ahead here tonight the intense battle over a project some say is vital, others say is too risky to try. tonight our firsthand look at the fight, what it's all about in a place most people never get to see. >>> later, genuine american heroes making a difference in boston by assuring the victims that everything is going to be okay. >>> tonight the energy company behind the controversial keystone pipeline says that the long delayed project will be delayed even longer now. the projected start date -- late 2015, as it awaits approval from the obama administration. it would carry almost a million barrels of oil a day from alberta to the gulf coast. but it is a highly polarizing project. our
. >>> senator heidi of north dakota gave the first speech on the senate floor tuesday. she discussed issues important to the state including energy and farming. her remarks are fifteen minutes. i want thank my colleagues who came here today to watch me perform my first offer my first speech on the floor of the united senate. it's a great group and bipartisan group. i think that our new class is exactly that. group group of people that are bipartisan and willing to solve america's problems. i'm proud to be part of the freshman class in the united states senate. people here think they know each other. that's true. sometimes it's a good reminder to tell people about where you come from. and i want to just spend a little bit of time talking about where i come from and because i think it speaks a lot to what i believe and how i -- who i am. i grew up in a small town in north dakota. you all might think that means 90,000 people. no, it's ninety people. my family was one tenth of the population of that small town. when i was born, my mother had four kid, and the oldest was two and there were no tw
. the reason north dakota is booming his because of this massive energy production, and we should continue to expand, not artificially limited by putting caps and bans on exports the other day, the middle of this country we have accrued lead because of the a rise in output, primarily north dakota. the main delivery point. it is not enough pipeline capacity. crude prices in the middle of the country are significantly lower than the gulf coast which is not showing up at lower prices of the pop. that is a gigantic windfall. because the market for gasoline and dieselre tied to the global markets. the crude market is not because they cannot get to other parts of the globe. gerri: interesting. tell me about this, this issue for one second. we have increased production so much in this country. how much? where is it going? can we say that we rank among the top producers? >> we can. that is the great thing, and we are exporting more refined petroleum products. oil producers are finding a way around this because they're building miniature refineries. light crude oil we are producing in north cook da
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 469 (some duplicates have been removed)